Each oral presentation in the parallel sessions will be allotted 15 minutes. Please prepare a presentation of about 12 minutes and allow 3 minutes for questions and discussion. Standard audio-visual equipment will be available. All authors should ensure that their presentations are prepared in PowerPoint. You must meet the volunteer in your meeting room during one of the breaks on the day of the session in which you will speak, in order to load your presentation onto the computer controlling the projector in that room.


Please bring your poster with you to the registration and icebreaker reception on Sunday, September 23rd, or first thing on Monday morning. We will have volunteers to help you find the display board that has been assigned to you.

The poster boards we have rented for this meeting are large and have useable space as follows 44.5 high x 91 wide or 113 cm high x 231 cm wide. It is your responsibility to ensure that your poster fits within these very generous dimensions. Push pins will be provided.

Posters must be removed late on Tuesday, September 25. There will be poster sessions with Refreshments from 5:30 to 7:30 pm on Monday and Tuesday. A schedule will be developed and posted in the symposium registration area to indicate the one-hour time period for which each author will be expected to be present at his/her poster for discussions with other participants during one of these two poster sessions.